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  ClickATutor continues to exceed the expectations of its customers. Parents, students, teachers, schools and tutors have all had excellent experience at ClickATutor.
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  • Century High School has developed the first fully integrated Click A Tutor program in the country. Intertwined with everyday classroom activity, students explore current lessons by reviewing Click A Tutor's multi-media based topic pages and pre-packaged research materials.

    Credit Recovery at Century High School is an innovated, progressive and alternative program to help students succeed. Using technology and the internet, Students are able to access their lessons from any where in the world. Students are able now to re-capture those credits that in the past were gone forever.

    Students from all over the Los Lunas area travel to Century High School's campus to regain credit in all high school grade levels and core disciplines. Administration feels that without Click A Tutor, our credit recovery program would lack the credibility and flexibility required of such a far reaching program.

    Century High School
    Los Lunas, New Mexico


  • The information available is detailed and accurate.
    It is very complete in its explanations and examples.

    Evan Jones

    I use ClickATutor every day for all my subjects. I am a junior in high school. I really like this program.
    Nick Foster
  • I liked ClickATutor. It is a good course and I am doing my very best. I am planning to use the wonderful resources of ClickATutor during my next semster also.
    Moez Kaderali

  • The contents are fun and easy to understand. It makes sense and I found the contents accurate and clear.
    Joan Gonzalez

  •   Teachers

  • The students and teachers are using the program very well and are taking small groups at a time. We really feel special that we are chosen for this special gift.
    Adlyn Wilson (Principal)

  • The students and teachers will benefit from the programme not only as an instructional tool but also in the introduction and reinforcement of concepts. Students will be able to be connected to a variety of teaching learning strategies which will help to develop their ability and also cater for their multiple intelligences. In addition, learning will be fun for the reluctant learner and the challenges that are presented can easily be overcome by the various possible self help tools that are available.
    Monica Bulgin (Acting Principal)

  • This site is flexible, realistic and those who designed it listen to the needs of the users. This makes it a wonderful experience.
    Mrs. Thomas (Teacher)
  • Another interesting offshoot of the students using the site is the way many of them challenge themselves by examining contents of those grades which are much higher than theirs...The introduction of Click A Tutor has really added value to our curriculum and we have been very pleased with the response from our students.
    Derek Lynn (Head Master)

    The site looks wonderful.... Looking forward to encouraging students to avail themselves of your wonderful site.
    Faye Westover (Education Director)

  • I really like the look of your educational program. This sounds like and excellent program and I will be looking more into it.
    Tommie Brumit (Educator)

  • As you can see my students benefited greatly from this experience. I look forward with my students to the continual use of your site. It has enhanced their opportunities for learning in the various content areas.
    Rita Sheridan (Teacher)


  • Your books and services are an outstanding addition to my personal life and as a home school mom they have proven very educational as well!!!
    Leean P.

  • Sign up now! You are going to love this. The price is truly affordable, the customer support is amazing. It is everything they promise and more!
    Rebecca Thomas

  • This is great for homeschoolers because we need and value that flexibility as we tailor our kids' education. No contracts allow that flexibility. This is simply the best alternative I have seen.
    Ryan Jackson

  • I have homeschooled my oldest son for years and have never enjoyed a program as much as I enjoy yours!
    Renee Miller

  • My 15 yr old, Nick, uses it each day for biology. He also utilizes the library. ClickATutor is a fabulous adjunctive to his daily classes. He is totally engaged by it and we find the font/page color selection feature extremely important to Nick as he is dyslexic. Excellent program.
    Mrs. Jennings

  • The addition of the voice in ClickATutor modules makes it possible for my 2nd/3rd grade level son to comprehend many of the 4th grade level courses. I have found it very beneficial. Thank You for the excellent modules with voice.

    Kathleen Cain


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