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At ClickATutor we are continually growing and developing new and exciting features. ClickATutor is available internationally not only for schools but for many other educational programs as well. This page will be dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest developments related to ClickATutor worldwide.

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Chilean government approves Clickatutor educational program


Clickatutor enters Chile


Wednesday December 1, 2004

Letter From President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Thank you for your letter and thoughts on education.

I have just now met Dr. A.S. Pillai. He briefed me about your work. It is
a remarkable work on virtual teaching. We have Virtual Tele-Ed - a
universal tele-education delivery system. Definitely we can mutually
co-operate in spreading education and knowledge to the students in need.

With best wishes.

APJ Abdul Kalam

President of India


Wednesday July 14, 2004

The Internet Home School, which provides alternative education services for regular, gifted and special student populations, has joined in a strategic partnership with ClickATutor.

A fully accredited, grades 1 - 12 online academy, the Internet Home School will be supplementing their traditional textbooks with ClickATutor's complete digital curriculum and library starting with the upcoming 2004 school year. By adding the ClickATutor digital curriculum, the Internet Home School will be able to offer yet another cost effective mode of education as well as affording their students a more diversified means of accessing their course materials and library books.

Corporate headquarters for the Internet Home School is located in Prescott, Arizona. Director of Education and Accreditation is Lawrence Moore, Ed.D.. Director of Administration, Ms. Christina Moody, may be reached at for further information.


Wednesday January 14, 2004

Introducing An American English Pronunciation Course!

SpeakWell has introduced an American English pronunciation program. The program is designed for companies who wish to improve their employee's American pronunciation.

Ravi Thomas, CEO and founder of SpeakWell, Inc, says: "It is designed for people who already speak English, but wish to fine tune their American pronunciation."

SpeakWell offers two initial levels within the program. The Beginner level will give the student a foundation of the principles of grammar before moving on to the Advanced section, where they will concentrate on learning American English pronunciation.


Friday, October 10, 2003

Westmeade Academy High School - A Residential Treatment Facility

ClickATutor has launched a Special Program with Westmeade Academy High School, a residential treatment facility located in Philadelphia, PA. Westmeade works with young people who have been diagnosed with social-emotional disorders. The children range academically from normal to low functioning and even autistic. They might be in the facility anywhere from 30 days to 2 years. It is a mixed population with a total of 30 to 40 students at any one time.

Westmeade chose ClickATutor because they "need a program and course content that is very flexible as well as evaluation tools that can quickly diagnose the students' academic abilities." The ability to easily "build a lesson plan" that can align content and courses with virtually any curriculum, is "invaluable". Westmeade immediately places each student on an academic / therapeutic route for their re-induction to their former schools, whether in a special education program or the regular school population. Westmeade has small class sizes of 8 to 10 students per teacher who work closely with the students, personalizing their education to meet the needs of the individual student.

ClickATutor fulfills the need for a program that "will be a positive reinforcement for the students to build their confidence and stimulate their desire to learn as they face a great challenge being reintroduced to the public school population."


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Salmon School District No. 291 Idaho has placed an order on ClickATutor to offer ClickATutor educational program to the students of Salmon School District No. 291 Idaho.

Albertson's Grant has funded the purchase of this program.


Thursday, May 1, 2003

Merging Education With Entertainment – Welcome to the 21st Century

In an effort to deliver educational content to students around the world, Click A Tutor, Inc. has joined forces with Liquid Library, Inc. Click A Tutor offers students and teachers a complete package for on-line learning, including grade appropriate lessons, testing and tutorial support. Liquid Library will add its magazine and extensive digital library content to Click A Tutor's impressive collection of materials.

Click A Tutor, which has been certified by the National Association of Private Schools, is currently serving 20,000 students throughout the US and Canada. They are also poised to go into the entire school system in Jamaica this year.

According to CEO Ravi Thomas, Click A Tutor offers all children world-class education resources that can bring students the cost-effective classes and digital content their schools require. “At the same time,” continues Mr. Thomas, ”students are learning the computer skills they will need for a successful future.”

Click A Tutor offers a full interactive curriculum for grades 4 – 12; live tutors 24 hours a day; interactive tests; research library; computer courses; complete student tracking for teachers/parents as well as a counseling section. Liquid Library will add a full, K-12 literature library to this already impressive package.

Constance H. Foster, Ph.D., CEO of Liquid Library, has accepted the position of Director Of International Projects for Click A Tutor. “We have the capability to place both the educational programs as well as the necessary hardware to drive them into the hands of students globally. Our product is extremely advantageous for Title 1 schools and underdeveloped countries. Currently, we are aligning ourselves to partner with both America’s Promise and UNICEF.”


Monday, April 28, 2003

Dr. Constance H Foster has joined ClickATutor as Director Of International Projects. She brings to ClickATutor over 25 years of valuable experience in digital publishing, education and international strategic marketing.

With her on the team ClickATutor is well positioned to handle the rapid growth that ClickATutor is experiencing today.


Friday, April 25, 2003

Over 20,000 students worldwide are exposed to ClickATutor today. These students are from schools in Jamaica and students from the US and Canada.


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

ClickATutor has been identified and is being used by a leading Professor of Law at Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School, 1563, Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA, USA, as a case study and point of reference in his class.

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School is a research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development.


Saturday, April 05, 2003

Don Bosco Charter High School in Kansas City, Missouri will be the first in the state to participate in a newly released innovative e-learning project that promises to increase school test scores while awakening students to the thrill of learning.

ClickATutor provides complete course content for grades four through twelve including assessment testing, review and comprehensive testing, academic alignment tools and lesson planner programs. It also provides all necessary resources including digital textbooks, an age appropriate printable library with over 400 full-color downloadable books, twenty-four hour a day online teacher support and much more.

Don Bosco Charter High School, founded in 1998, is a 222-student school that focuses on behavior, attendance, academics and lifelong learning. With Don Bosco's smaller classes, personal attention and outstanding teachers, students move forward with confidence.

Chosen for its pioneering spirit, Don Bosco Charter High School will function as a pilot school with the task of evaluating the site and assisting with its ongoing development.

Don Bosco's teachers will have new tools to effectively assess their students and streamline academic requirements for each student using the lesson-planning component of ClickATutor. Monitoring student progress will be done at the click of a button. The parents of Don Bosco students who desire to observe their student's progress will be able to do so through an internal Internet-based communication module.

The joint project between ClickATutor and Don Bosco will give the high school additional computers with Internet access in the classroom, as well as the world-class educational e-learning content.


Thursday, April 03, 2003

Naperville School District has decided to introduce ClickATutor in Indian Prairie School. Initially it will cover 100 students.

The introduction of the program will help the teachers to create lesson plans and help their students to improve their study skills and knowledge. ClickATutor will be used as a supplement tool offering the students additional educational resources, testing tools and evaluation instruments.


Friday, March 28, 2003

ClickATutor introduces Liquid Library, which is a fully integrated digital magazine for schools and libraries focusing on providing educators the opportunity to harness the vast resources of the Internet.

Within Liquid Library's Reading Room can be found a series of age/grade level appropriate titles. The Reading Room offers a wide variety of both original fiction as well as the classics. Many of these titles are fully annotated in order to provide an educationally unique reading experience - enhancing the student's reading experience by successfully merging education with entertainment.




Monday, March 31, 2003

Tall Pine School, Brampton, a leading private school in Toronto has been successfully using ClickATutor for the last one year. This year ClickATutor is going to be expanded to cover all students and to integrate ClickATutor with their curriculum.




Pilot launched for students to access courses on Internet

CLAUDIENNE EDWARDS, Observer staff reporter
Wednesday, February 05, 2003

MCBEAN... project can benefit the island

A pilot project through which Jamaican students will be able to learn courses via the Internet, was launched Monday by a North American company -- Click A Tutor Inc -- at the Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High School in Kingston.

A second project was expected to be launched yesterday at the Penwood High School, also in Kingston, and the third is scheduled for the Tacky High School in St Mary was being considered for the third pilot, according to Ravi Thomas, president and CEO of Click A Tutor Inc. As of next month, individual parents will be able to have access to the service.

MONTAQUE... Tivoli students are from a wide cross section of economic backgrounds

Click A Tutor, which offers complete high school online courses to Grades four -12 public, private and home school students in Canada and the United States, added the Jamaican high school curriculum to its website a month ago, Thomas said.

Jamaican students will also be able to access the North American curricula on Click A Tutor which has been approved by the National Association of Private Schools in the US to give school leaving certificates.

THOMAS... website will offer to Jamaican children world-class education resources

In preparing subject courses taught in Jamaican high schools for the website which has no advertising or chat room, Click A Tutor was guided by the curriculum on the Ministry of Education website, Thomas said.

A feature of the website is the availability of live tutors 24 hours a day to answer questions. The website also has a library and questions asked by other children and the answers are also stored in the system.

BARNSWELL... motivated to participate after meeting illiterate farmworker

"The website will offer to Jamaican children, world-class education resources that can narrow the digital divide and bring them on the same level playing-field with children in any developed country," Thomas told the Observer.

The annual membership fee for North American students to access Click A Tutor is US$150 annually, but through the sponsorship of two Jamaicans living in Canada and Jamaica Labour Party councillor, Robert Montaque, the cost to children in the pilot schools will be J$50 annually.

In the computer laboratory at the Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High School, the children will be able to access the website by using the school's password.

Wayne McBean who resided in Tivoli Gardens before migrating to Canada, was made aware of Click A Tutor, by Errol Barnswell, a friend from Clarendon.

"Errol approached me about sponsoring a pilot project for Jamaica, and I thought it could benefit the island," McBean said.

Tivoli Gardens was chosen for the pilot because the inner-city high school has a "good computer laboratory" and students from a wide cross section of economic backgrounds, Montaque said.

Barnswell recalled that an illiterate farm worker he sat beside on a flight to Jamaica from Canada, motivated him to participate in a project that could make education more available to Jamaican students.

"On a flight to Jamaica I sat beside a farmworker. He couldn't fill out the immigration form or sign his name. I thought something was wrong. When Ravi told me what he was doing, I called Montaque, my college mate from the Passley Gardens Agricultural School (now the College of Agricultural Science and Education (CASE)," Barnswell said.



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