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ClickATutor membership includes contents, evaluation tests, comprehensive tests, record keeping, lesson plans, and unlimited email tutoring. You will also have access to our online research library. No long term contracts. You have the flexibility to discontinue the program and re-enroll into the program whenever you wish.

ClickATutor uses secured payment services with Verisign and you can pay through your credit card online.

We expect the prices to go up soon, so please enroll and take advantage of our attractive discounted prices.

Price for ClickATutor's services:

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Pricing & Refund Policy: We need a request in writing, within first 7 days of your using Click-A-Tutor, to process the cancellation of your membership and to send the refund check. We are unable to entertain any verbal request for security purpose. Credit Card will be charged automatically for the monthly service. To stop this automatic charging you will have to follow our cancellation policy. Kindly send us an email.

Note: ClickATutor does not share with any person or organization any personal confidential information of parent or child enrolled with us.


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