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Click A Tutor currently offers state/country aligned courses for grades K through 12 at an affordable $150 per year complete with 24/7 online tutor support.
These courses cover a wide variety of common curriculum utilized for at-risk students who are in need of special instruction, traditional students who are seeking flexibility, and accelerated students who are looking for more of a challenge.

Language Arts  

English 4 - 8

Course offers topics focusing on helping students achieve language proficiency and writing papers that demonstrate unity and coherence.

English 9 - 12

Topics focusing on helping students achieve skills appropriate to the topic, purpose, and audience in analysis of poetry and literature, correct usage of English grammar, development of sentences and paragraphs, speech presentation, and formal written documents.

English Literature

Course features introduction and complete analysis of major works, including Great Expectations, The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mocking Bird.

English As A Second Language

ESL focuses on helping the student who is being introduced to and needs proficiency in the English language.

English Grammar I

Designed to help students achieve language proficiency with the focus on grammar and vocabulary.

English Grammar II

Topics focusing on proper grammar skills while troubleshooting the common errors found in writing.

Oral Communication Skills

Course focuses on all the aspects of achieving excellent oral communication skills.


Course features a look at poetry through the ages, with an emphasis on English poetry.

English Writing

Focuses on all the elements of proper writing as well as the fundamentals of literature.

English Vocabulary

Course focuses on building student's common word skills and usage.

English Spelling

Emphasis on spelling proficiency.

Phonics & Pronunciation

Course focuses on phonics and appropriate pronunciation of the English language.


Mathematics 4 - 8

Focuses on number operations and properties, decimals, number theory, fractions and fraction operations, ratios and proportions and percents. Students will learn how to apply fundamental mathematical principles to everyday situations in life.

Mathematics 9 - 12

Course, which prepares students for Pre-Algebra, focuses on the study of measurement, perimeter, area, and volume, as well as a brief introduction to algebra, and geometry. Topics in this course relate to real-world situations involving mathematical principles.


Focusing on calculations and properties of angles, angle measurement, lines, triangles, constructions, transformations, congruency, similarity, and polygons. Students are introduced to proving theorems using logic and reasoning skills.


Includes topics focusing on measurement, real numbers, number lines, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of real numbers, additive and multiplicative inverses, arithmetic expressions, orders of operation, variables, algebraic expressions, simplifying algebraic expressions, problem solving using expressions, equations and identities, and solving applied problems.


While learning algebraic expressions, monomials, terms, algebraic language, this course focuses on operations using signed numbers, powers, real numbers, signs of real numbers, additive and multiplicative inverses, order of operations, arithmetic expressions, and grouping symbols.

Calculus Concepts

Giving students a fundamental understanding of the principles of calculus, including limits, differentiation, and applications of differentiation.

Advanced Mathematics

This course features a more precise study of measurement, perimeter, area, and volume, as well as a brief introduction to algebra, and geometry. Topics in this course relate to real-world situations involving mathematical principles.

Advanced Algebra

This course enables students to utilize all information learned in Basic Algebra as well as pursuing the study of exponential and logarithmic functions, linear and nonlinear systems, sequences, series, probability, and topics in analytic geometry.


Science I

This course takes an overall look at all aspects of science, including solving scientific problems, the structure and functions of cells and tissues, relationships between matter, energy, forces, motion, and concepts of environmental habits.

Earth & Space Systems

Course introduces the students to environmental issues. In addition, the course focuses on the study of meteorology, astronomy, geology, rocks and minerals; conservation and weather, and oceanography.


Encompasses topics focusing on defining characteristics of life, cell structure, cell function, biochemistry, cellular reproduction, populations, ecosystems, and genetics. Students use the interactive Cyber Biology Lab with this course.


Provides topics focusing on atomic theory, matter, elements, and chemical equations. Students use the interactive Cyber Chemistry Lab with this course.


This course requires the use of Mathematics to solve problems in physics in the areas of one-dimensional kinematics, forces, momentum, work, energy, and power. Students use the interactive Cyber Physics Lab with this course.

Advanced Biology

Continuing the study of Biology by focusing on science process skills, genetics, meiosis, classification systems, diversity of life, and human anatomy and physiology.

Advanced Chemistry

Course focuses on the Periodic Table of the Elements, atomic structure, and elements and their properties.

Advanced Physics

Features the concepts of liquids and solids, electricity, magnetism, and light. Students will encounter physics both visually and mathematically, as well as study the applications of physics in daily life.


Course focused on the phylogenetic systematics and classifications of birds.

Social Sciences   

Social Studies - USA

Individual units in the USA Social Studies course include creation of the U.S. Constitution, Immigration & Migration, and America's Gilded Age.

Social Studies - Canada

Individual units in the Canadian Social Studies course include the native Canadians, Early Settlement Patterns and Canada & World Connections.

Idaho State History

An historical overview of the State of Idaho.

New Mexico State History

An historical overview of the State of New Mexico.

Florida State History

An historical overview of the State of Florida.

Ancient World History

Course provides an appreciation for a variety of ancient civilizations. Emphasized are the ancient civilizations of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Medieval History

Focuses on history from the Byzantium Empire onward through Medieval Europe and Asia.


Related to the environment in which we live. Topics include mapping, weather and planetary science. In the weather modules, students will explore air masses, hurricanes, and tornadoes, as well as look at different climates around the world including deserts and rainforests.


In this course, students will explore the role of suppliers, consumers, governments, and multinational organizations. Consequently, students will have a better understanding of how money affects our daily lives.


Course offers information on states and administration, government and demographics in both Canada and the USA.

Advanced U.S. History

This course provides and in-depth look at United States history and its impact.

Advanced World History

This advance course covers an in-depth look at World History starting with Prehistoric man. Units include Interdependence Through Global History, Evolution & Revolution, and the Abuse of Human Rights.

Advanced Economics

This advance course focuses on both Micro, Macro, and real life Economics.

Health & Physical Education   

Health & Physical Fitness 4 - 8

This course has individual units on bullying, games, exercises, Alcohol & Drugs and Common Sense Street Proofing.

Health & Physical Fitness 9 - 12

This course has individual units on bullying, games, exercises, Alcohol & Drugs, Self Defense and Common Sense Street Proofing.


Cooking 101

Course offers the basics of cooking including how to read a recipe, conversions, cooking tools & utilities as well as global recipes.

Computer Science I

This course focuses on the basics of computer usage. Individual units include hardware, database, email usage, Internet safety, and HTML.

Computer Science II

An in-depth computer course after the student has completed Computer I.

5 Minute Read

This elective is set up to promote elevated reading skills on a daily level.

5 Minute Math

This elective is set up to promote the enhancement of math skills.


Course focuses on the basics in good manners and etiquette. Units include both business as well as global perspectives.

Testing & Study Tools   

SAT Power

Course providing a study tool for students who will be taking the SAT.

Speak Well Program

An extensive course with complete audio instruction focusing on American English pronunciation.

Research Library

A research tool for school papers, essays, speeches, etc.

Liquid Library

Features a complete 1,500 title digital library including new titles and the Classics.

Cyber Physics Lab

Provides students with an interactive physics lab.

Cyber Chemistry Lab

Provides students with an interactive chemistry lab.

Cyber Biology Lab

Provides students with an interactive biology lab.

Math Test Generator

Features a study tool for generating basic math tests and quizzes for self-improvement.

K - 3 Reading Modules

Provides graphic rich and user friendly audio lessons for beginner readers.

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