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  ClickATutor has developed some unique resources with the home schooling family in mind. The course building and record keeping systems are perfectly suited to the home school environment. ClickATutor's self paced learning system not only accommodates various learning styles, but the exciting, interactive curriculum has been designed to make learning fun and spontaneous! Step into the learning experience of a lifetime! If you would like to enroll now, Click Here.  

Here are some of the great things you will get when you enroll with ClickATutor:

Helpful Homeschool Features
ClickATutor's combined features will help you keep your student's portfolio up to date.Included in ClickATutor's extensive record keeping system are comprehensive test results, attendance records, time keeping components for time spent on particular lessons, certificates of completion - all printable! Just print out the records your state requires and put them in your portfolio.

Aligns To The Homeschool Curricula
ClickATutor's curriculum aligns with other homeschool curricula.

Print & Download The Homeschool Curriculum
ClickATutor offers the option to download and to print out the homeschool curriculum guide which details the content of the recommended lessons for each individual grade and subject.

ClickATutor's User Manual
ClickATutor offers User Manual in PDF format with the aim of helping you in getting started with the different features and resources offered on the site. If You Need To Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Please Click Here

Exciting Courses
Through ClickATutor homeschool students can access interactive curriculum for grades 4 - 12, which includes plenty of examples and exciting graphics.

Evaluation Instruments
Evaluation instruments are available to determine if a child has mastered the core concepts and is working on an appropriate grade level.

Safe For Students
ClickATutor is child safe and we conform to the standards set by Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Lesson Plans
Choose from our home school courses, designed to be compatible with most home school curriculum, or design your own custom courses. Use as your primary course material or as an exciting supplement to your curriculum - the most flexible curriculum around!

Exciting Contents On Creation

ClickATutor offers specially developed contents on "Creation" for the Home School students. The modules on "Creation" are available free of cost only on request. It is not accessable to everyone using the ClickATutor program.

Computer Courses

The Computer Courses will hold the interest of the students and give them a good experience in gaining first hand information on various computer technologies.

Interactive Tests
When you finish studying a lesson there are tests available to help you to see how well you understand the concepts and the study material that you have just covered.
Keeps Records

Review, record and print what a child has studied on any specific day.

Progress Report

Progress is measured at regular intervals throughout the program to make sure your child is on track. As a parent, you will be kept up to date on your child's progress.

Live Tutors - 24 hours a day

We offer a live tutoring section, which provides immediate access to tutors 24 hours a day.

Research Library

Search with ClickATutor and then access a variety of educational and fun websites. Access the Liquid Library with over 400 titles to choose from as well as a Home School Reading Room.

Liquid Library For Homeschool Students

ClickATutor introduces Liquid Library, which is a fully integrated digital magazine for schools and libraries focusing on providing educators the opportunity to harness the vast resources of the Internet.

Families First Advice Service

ClickATutor introduces Families First Advice Service. Families First, which is a free service, will provide helpful information and advice surrounding social and family issues by answering each of your individual emails.


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