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  ClickATutor offers extensive educational resources and course-building materials. The many tools available for use by the parent have been developed using sound, research-based instructional design principles and practices. ClickATutor is also designed to help a parent keep track of lessons studied, time taken and the performance of the students. ClickATutor's self-paced learning system motivates students, enhances the learning experience, and accommodates different learning styles and skill levels. Get ready to offer your child the learning experience of a lifetime. If you would like to enroll now, Click Here.  

Here are some of the great things you will get when you enroll with ClickATutor:

Progress Report
Progress is measured at regular intervals throughout the program to make sure your child is on track. As a parent, you will be kept up to date on your child's progress.

Interactive Tools
Demonstrate and explain difficult concepts in real time with interactive tools.

Instructions Manual For Lesson Plan Feature
Please download the instructions manual, in PDF format, for the Teacher Lesson Plan feature. The Manual will guide you on how to use the different useful features of the program.

ClickATutor's User Manual
ClickATutor offers User Manual in PDF format with the aim of helping you in getting started with the different features and resources offered on the site. If You Need To Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Please Click Here

Learning Environment
Students are provided with a child safe learning environment which is free from advertisements

Keeps Records

Review, record and print what a child has studied on any specific day.

Safe For Students

ClickATutor is child safe and we conform to the standards set by Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Research Library
Research quickly and effectively any topic that needs to be studied in class without having to go to any unprotected search engines or a far off library.
Families First Advice Service

ClickATutor introduces Families First Advice Service. Families First, which is a free service, will provide helpful information and advice surrounding social and family issues by answering each of your individual emails.

Computer Courses

The Computer Courses would hold the interest of the students and give them a good experience in gaining first hand information on various computer technologies.


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