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  ClickATutor offers schools excellent student evaluation tools, decision-making tools, record keeping tools, a great wealth of course content and tests, and an extensive research library. Students will gain knowledge through problem solving, reasoning, researching, inventing, recording and communicating when they use all that is available to them with ClickATutor. Get ready to offer your students the learning experience of their lifetime. If you would like to enroll now, Click Here.  

Here are some of the great things you will get when you enroll with ClickATutor:

Affordable ClickATutor Homeschool Academy
ClickATutor Homeschool Academy has developed some unique resources with the home schooling family in mind. The course building and record keeping systems are perfectly suited to the home school environment. ClickATutor's self paced learning system not only accommodates various learning styles, but the exciting, interactive curriculum has been designed to make learning fun and spontaneous! Click Here to visit ClickATutor Homeschool Academy!

Learning Environment
Students are provided with a child safe learning environment which is free from advertisements.

Evaluation Instruments
Evaluation instruments are available to determine if a child has mastered the core concepts and is working on an appropriate grade level.

Keeps Records
ClickATutor's record keeping system provides a daily opportunity to review, record and print the time a student has spent on various lessons.

ClickATutor's User Manual
ClickATutor offers User Manual in PDF format with the aim of helping you in getting started with the different features and resources offered on the site. If You Need To Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader Please Click Here

Safe For Students

ClickATutor is child safe and we conform to the standards set by Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Instant Communication

Instantaneously communicate to all the students enrolled under the school without leaving the safe environment of ClickATutor.

Interactive Tools
Demonstrate and explain difficult concepts in real time with interactive tools.
Computer Courses

The Computer Courses would hold the interest of the students and give them a good experience in gaining first hand information on various computer technologies.


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